Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Avocado Soup

I'm told that outside of California, avocados are not as popular as they are here in California. I do know that we almost always have avocados in the house. This is a very simple to make soup:

2 large avocados, ripe
1 1/4 cups sour cream
4 cups chicken broth

Cut up the avocado and place in blender. Add four tablespoons of the sour cream. Process until smooth.

In a soup pot, heat the chicken broth. Do not boil. Add the remaining sour cream and stir. Reheat. Again, do not boil. Slowly add in the avocado mixture and heat just to before boiling. Remove from heat and serve.

Serve each soup bowl with a small spoon of sour cream or a small amount of black pepper on top.

Audrey :)


Claudya Martinez said...

I love avocados, could eat them every day, but I haven't tried this...yet.

Becca said...

I also love avocadoes, but have never thought about having them in soup. Interesting concept.