Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puree and Freeze Vegetables

I read a tip today that I've actually never tried before. When you have leftover veggies from a meal, freeze the leftovers. When you have enough leftovers, puree and pour into ice trays. When you make soups, add a few cubes for added flavor.

Has anyone ever tried this before? I've never considered freezing veggies and then reusing in a different texture.

Audrey :)


Carin said...

That's a great idea.

Claudya Martinez said...

I heard that one recently and think it's brilliant.

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I hadn't heard this specifically before, but it's right up my alley. Once every few months I make a whole chicken in the slow cooker, and the next day I have two pots on the stove: one for soup and one for stock. In the stock I put the less "pretty" veggies, such as the ends of the celery. This sounds like a good way to get even more use out of those leftovers and small bits!