Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football Fun

Football season has started. This means many t.v. sets are on a good portion of the weekend with touchdowns and field goals being scored throughout.

Have some fun when it comes to serving up snacks and foods for the games.

Make is a point to serve appetizers first quarter, then salads the second quarter, serve your mail meal during half time, dessert during the 3rd quarter and an after dinner drink during the last quarter of the game.

Check out which teams are playing and find some recipes famous for that region and whip up some team spirit food to serve as you're rooting for the teams to win. Choose desserts that you can use a bit of food coloring with, or use colored jello with and serve up those team colors.

Football time can be a time to have fun with recipes and invite some friends over to share in the games.

Audrey :)

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