Thursday, May 07, 2009

Triple Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple

I was delighted to receive a package in the mail today from Mrs Prindables Handmade Confections. I'm not sure I've ever had a caramel apple as good as what I ate today.

Some facts about Mrs Prindables Handmade Confections:
  • Their caramel is made daily
  • They have kosher certification
  • All apples are hand-dipped
  • Apples are hand-picked
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed
  • 25 years in business
I was sent the triple chocolate caramel covered apple. The packaging and box for the apple was so pretty. The apple had a bow around it. The apple itself was the largest apple I've ever seen.

I was at work when the apple arrived. Everyone oohed and aahed. We got a knife and plates and cut pieces for everyone. Yes, this apple was so large that 6 nice-sized slices were cut and everyone was able to try the apple. The chocolate and caramel were just amazing. The apple was a sweet green apple.
What an amazing gift this would make for almost any occasion. Mrs. Prindables will ship anywhere in the 50 United States. They ship in either one or two days.

With graduations upon us, I can't imagine a graduate who would not love one of the many caramel apples they offer. Stop by and order your gift today.

Audrey :)


Cher said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I found you via the Mom Bloggers Club Follow Me Group. I am now following you! Stop by my site when the get the chance! I also have a lot of giveaways going on!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Mother's Day!