Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shredded Beef Enchiladas

All I can saw is WOW!! These came out great and were "easy" to make. I say "easy" because I chose to make the meat in the crockpot, which took 5 hours. Then it's an hour for the casserole to cook and not everyone has 6 hours in one day to make a meal.

I made the meat yesterday and the enchiladas today.

Ok...I started with a 3 or 4 pound roast. I put it into the crockpot with one can of beef broth and about 1/4 of a large can of red enchilada sauce. I cooked for 4 hours on high and it wasn't pull apart tender, so I cooked it another hour.

Tonight I shredded the meat. I added chopped onions to the meat tonight. We used whole wheat tortillas. I took a handful of beef and a spoon of enchilada sauce and put it into the tortilla, rolled it and put it into a casserole. Instead of greasing the casserole dish, I instead spread some of the sauce on the bottom of the dish.

Once they were all rolled, I liberally poured enchilada sauce on top and then generously sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese. Into the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes. This is what the casserole looked like and then the one on my plate. They were sooooo good.

It's been a very busy night here. I volunteered to make cookies for tomorrow and so here's more photos of my kitchen tonight.

I made the peanut butter - chocolate kiss cookies from scratch. The chocolate cookies are a chocolate cake mix that we convert to a cookie recipe. They're still cooling. We're going to frost them with white funfetti frosting.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Audrey :)


AverageJosey said...

OMG - these look and sound fantastic! I love the crockpot, the aromas, the everything :) Just one question for you, you EVER leave your kitchen?!? lol I'm certainly not complaining, I've been benefiting greatly from your skills!

AverageJosey said...

Me again! Yes, I agree, your recipes are super easy.....maybe you've already been planning this, but I think you should compile all of them into a cookbook :) MmmmmmHmmmmm

Claudya Martinez said...

The enchiladas sound great! My husband makes the best enchilada sauce from scratch. Now my mouth is watering.

Have a great weekend!