Monday, March 22, 2010

Burgers In Pitas

Most of us think of burgers and hamburger buns, but have you ever tried a burger in a pita? They are delicious. Cut a pita in half. Cook your burger. If you like cheese on your burger, add the cheese during the last minute of cooking. Place the burger in the pita and top with tomatoes, ketchup, pickles and onions. These truly are delicious.

Audrey :)


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Now you've made me hungry! ;-)

Lucy Marie said...

We love that. I make greek burgers, where olives, feta cheese and dill in them and we always eat them in pitas with tzatiki sauce, cucumbers, red onion and tomatoes! So yummy.

AverageJosey said...

Oooohhhh.....I so look forward to your recipes ~ love the new take on an old staple! We've had some great weather the last couple days, I was just thinking it's time to start grilling again :) Once again, will definitely be trying......I'll let you know what we think! By the way, if I didn't remember to get back to you (sorry, call it mommy/wife/woman memory lapse!), I made your sweet potato casserole too - yum, yum, yum! I feel like I often repeat myself - but again, I have to say, "It's a keeper!"

apple blossom said...

your post link has been included in our homesteading carnival this week.