Thursday, January 14, 2010


When you make spaghetti, do you bake it at all? For some reason I thought everyone baked their spaghetti. I grew up with my mom always throwing the bowl in the oven, so that's what I always did.

I boil the noodles, pour the sauce on, toss and then pop in the oven. The sauce somewhat bakes into the noodle. I've baked the bowl/casserole for up to an hour depending on how long until we eat.

What about you?

Audrey :)


Frances said...

I make baked spaghetti sometimes, but that's not usually how I cook is when we are having "regular spaghetti." I don't know why baking it makes it a different dish in my family, but it does.

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

No, I've never heard of baked spaghetti. However, I do bake ziti. In New Jersey where I grew up, "baked ziti" is standard at luncheons and showers, etc. (Strangely enough, in New Jersey we also called ziti "pencil points" -- I was thrilled whenever pencil points were on the school lunch menu!)

When we give parties, I always make a big pan of baked ziti -- great because both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can eat it, as long as the sauce is meat-free.

Lucy Marie said...

I bake it sometimes but not often. To me, baking it makes it a completely different meal. Often, I use rotini or penne noodles when I want a baked pasta dish.

Thomas Andrew said...

I don't usually bake my pasta unless I'm making baked ziti or lasagna.

Jen said...

Not usually but I have done it on occasion. Usually when I have leftovers and need to throw something together fast.