Monday, March 02, 2009

Lasagna for the Crockpot

We made a lasagna last night in the crockpot and it was delicious. You can really make this your own recipe by adding other ingredients. Since I didn't quite follow a recipe, I'll tell you step by step what I did:

I bought ground turkey. It was just over a pound. I browned the meat with chopped onion. Once the meat was brown I added in one jar of Prego sauce (don't throw away the jar). You can use any brand and even make your own.

Once the meat was done, it was time to create the lasagna. I spooned a bit of the meat sauce on the bottom of the crockpot. I then used whole wheat lasagna noodles. I generously coated the noodles with ricotta cheese, then broke to fit the crockpot. I chopped up one head of cauliflower and one head of broccoli. A handful of each of these went on top of the noodles. I love spinach so I threw in a handful of spinach leaves. I topped this with italian blend cheese. I repeated the layers twice more.

Remember that jar you saved after browning the meat. Put a quarter cup of water in the jar and shake to create a very runny tomato sauce. Just before plugging in the crockpot, pour the water over the top of the top of casserole.

Cook on high for 4 hours. After four hours, I took off the lid and pushed the top noodles down to absorb a bit of the liquid. I turned it down to low and cooked one more hour.

We served with garlic bread and a salad and everyone loved it.

Audrey :)

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