Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kitchen Tips

I wanted to share a few tips today:

When you find toothbrushes on sale, buy them and store them in the kitchen. They work great on grout, plastic container lids, garlic presses and more.

If you're going to freeze casseroles, do not cook all the way. Instead cook 10-20 minutes under the specified time. Now when you go to heat and serve, you'll actually be finishing the cooking time while you warm the dish.

Don't throw out old crackers. Instead, crumble them and add them on top of veggie casseroles.

When melting chocolate add in Crisco. The chocolate comes out softer and smoother, making it much easier to dip foods in.

If you have an ink stain on clothing, try sponging with milk to remove it.

Throw a mothball in your garbage can. It will reduce the odor.

Take left over mashed potatoes and form pancakes with them. Fry and serve up for breakfast the next morning.

To create your own heart shaped cake, make both a round cake and a square cake. When cooled, cut the round cake in half. Turn the square cake so that you have a diamond facing you. Now place 1/2 the round cake on either side and you have a heart shape. Place on serving dish and frost.

Audrey :)


Claudya Martinez said...

I did the mashed potato pancakes the other day and my daughter loved them. I added a ton of parmesan to them.

Anonymous said...

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