Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Handing Out Recipes to Family and Friends

Though I own many cookbooks, I tend to make the same items over and over when having guests for dinner or when taking a dish to a potluck.

If you’re like me, you’re often asked for the recipe of the dishes you’ve made.

Consider having recipe cards pre-made before dinner so that when guests ask for the recipe, you already have it typed out for them.

Each of my cookbooks has favorites also. I’ve written notes on pages, highlighted sentences etc. When the recipe is just perfect, I type it onto recipe cards. Then when I make the recipe I have the cards ready to hand out when I’m asked for the recipe.

You can make recipe cards right at home on your computer. Buy the heavier cardstock paper. You can put borders on each card just like the store bought ones. You can add color and anything else you want to the card.

I use a word processor to type up the recipe then copy it six times to fit on 6 cards which is an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of heavy card stock.

I can store the ready-made recipes in a folder, or cut them up and store them in the back of the cookbook. I have the original on the computer, so as soon as I’ve handed out 6 of them I can print more.

You can do a web search for “free recipe cards” and you’ll find several free downloads of cards you can customize. Download them to your computer and then either type up your recipes or hand write in the recipe on cards you can’t customize.

Are you attending a bridal shower? Consider buying a metal ring and attaching several of your recipe cards to the ring and including this with whatever gift you are giving the bride to be.

Do you know a student either moving out or just graduating and moving into their own home? Again, consider the metal ring with several easy to prepare recipes attached. I’ve given this as a gift with several ingredients from the recipes to college students and they’ve loved it.

By creating your recipe cards before the potluck dinner or before the guests arrive, you won’t have the stress of trying to remember to get the diner the recipe after you leave or they return home.

Audrey :)


Joanne said...

Great idea!

I just love pot luck dinners. I have gotten some great recipes from friends this way.

Like your blog!


Crystal Peace said...

One of my favorite recipes for a spinach and raspberry salad I received through a recipe card a friend printed for us.

I'll have to try this too.

Crystal Peace