Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Marinating keeps meat and fish moist and tender, and an easy way to season grilled foods.

Use the Right Container: You should use a shallow, non-reactive container, such as a glass or plastic dish or a resealable plastic bag for easy clean-up. This will allow the marinade to coat food evenly. These containers also make it easy to transport to the grill.

How Long: Marinate meat and poultry for at least 30 minutes at room temperature; if marinating longer, refrigerate, turning meat occasionally. Let the meat come to room temperature before grilling. Seafood should be marinated for only 15 to 30 minutes; Chicken should not be marinated more than 2 hours; any longer, and the acid in the marinade will begin to “cook” the fish or chicken. Beef and pork can be marinated longer, up to 24 hours.

Safety: Consuming marinades used on raw fish or meat is not safe. If you plan on basting your food during cooking set some aside before marinating.

Happy Cooking!

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A huge thanks to Tammy for providing these tips. I love to marinate meat and then throw it on the BBQ, especially in the summer time.

Audrey :)


Tammy said...

Thanks Audrey. :)

brandy said...

Great tips and Great timing!

Mamalaina said...

Great tips! Thanks..and by the way the Tupperware marinator (sp?) is the best best best marinating container out there! ;)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind comment. Yes, the windstorm was really something - now that I look back at the posts, the photo on July 13th is what our lake USUALLY looks like, pretty calm and peaceful, so contrasting it with the storm photos... makes me appreciate how violent the storm really was.

Sounds like your blog is a wealth of good information!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Yum. O. Sounds divine.

Anonymous said...

I love to get new recipe ideas! This is great. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that information marinating chicken for longer than 30 minutes.

Regarding your post on my blog. It is hard to believe there is not a Wal-Mart located within 1 mile of every person on earth. I wish we had a staples in Houston.