Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top Ramen and Rice

My kids were visiting my sister one summer and with dinner my sister served something my kids had never seen before. She made ramen noodles and rice mixed together.

We have always eaten ramen noodles. We buy almost every flavor they make. We make them plain. We have cut up both chicken and beef and added the meats to the noodles. My sister however added rice to the noodles. My kids loved it.

The sauce packet that comes with ramen noodles is very high in sodium. If you add flavored rice to the noodles, you don’t need to use the sauce packet. If you add white rice to the noodle packet you’ll use the sauce packet but each serving has a lower amount of sodium since you’ve now added another item to the mixture.

My sister actually cuts up the noodles after boiling so that they are short like the rice kernels. Then she mixes the two together.

One other option is to make your own chicken broth or beef broth and then add both the package of ramen noodles and also the white rice. You won’t be using the sauce packet and you can also add cut up vegetables and pieces of chicken or beef to the mixture.

I actually found a blog that is all about ramen noodles http://mattfischer.com/ramen/. This blog features recipes, commentary and tons of information about ramen noodles.

Audrey :)


Unknown said...

Ramens were a staple in our house when my son was younger. There were days he would have them for both breakfast and lunch. Wish I'd thought to add rice to them then!

Melissa said...

We love our Ramen with scrambled eggs and green onion. There is also a Ramen cookbook called 101 things to do with Ramen noodles that has an awesome recipe for egg drop soup using Ramen. Yum!